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A regional culinary repertoire

filled with genuine, traditional flavours and aromas that match the four seasons

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La Beaugravière shows its true colours to lovers of authentic, refined, flavourful cuisine. The cuisine is crafted to mirror the chef's image with genuine, traditional flavours that match the four seasons. Whether in the dining room or on the terrace, let yourself be drawn into a moment of gourmet delight.

The restaurant La Beaugravière invites you on a trip through the heart of Provence and the full range of its regional cuisine. Discover the charm of this Provençal and French cuisine.

A cuisine that follows the seasons

In WINTER, the most wonderful product from the house is the BLACK TRUFFLE (tuber melanosporum) from Richerenches. An entire menu is dedicated to it (potato salad, risotto, sweetbeards, Bresse poulard chicken, ice cream) as well as two menus focused completely on truffles.

The PRINTEMPS marks the arrival of vegetables (green asparagus and vegetables in olive oil, small, purple artichokes à la barigoule, stuffed vegetables), lamb (lamb shoulder roasted on the bone and served braised in thyme jus with garlic purée), ice nougat with honey.

In the SUMMER, the cuisine is simpler, yet still focused on the products and cooking them naturally (papeton d’aubergine, tomato basil soup, Rhône boatman beef-cheek estouffade).

The AUTUMN is a important time for mushrooms (chanterelle tart, mushroom Parmesan shortbread), game (wild rabbit à la Royale) and fish (steam-cooked Mediterranean bass with citron-confit tomato).

Each season has wonderful, delicious products with unique flavours. The restaurant La Beaugravière invites you to discover them!


*The truffle menus are proposed only from January through March 

An exceptional wine cellar

The restaurant La Beaugravière has an excellent wine cellar with legendary vintages from some of the rarest and most sought-after wineries. It makes for a stunning voyage through the heart of French wine making with it old wines, some of them as old as one century. It is an invitation to tastings and pairings with the restaurant's cuisine.